The Requirements To Study Food Science Technology And The Job Opportunities In Nigeria

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  • In this episode of our article, I will be showing you the needed prerequisites to study food science technology/food engineering, also the job opportunities a graduate of food engineering will have In securing job.

    Meaning Of Food Science Technology/Food Engineering

    According to Wikipedia Food engineering is a multidisciplinary field which combines microbiology , applied physical sciences, chemistry and engineering for food and related industries.

    Food engineering includes, but is not limited to, the application
    of agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering principles to food materials.

    Food engineers provide the technological knowledge transfer essential to the cost-effective production and commercialization of food products and services.

    Entry Requirements To Study Food Engineering/Food Science Technology In Nigeria

    A candidate who wish to study food engineering or you may call it food science technology must have at least five (5) credit passes to include: English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, agricultural science or biology in WAEC, NECO, GCE & NABTEB, for proper considerations.

    UTME Subjects Combination To Sit For As A Candidate Who Wish To Study Food Engineering

    A candidate of food engineering will register the below listed four (4) Subjects in UTME. The four subjects includes; English language, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and agricultural science or biology for proper evaluations and considerations.

    Job Opportunities For A Graduate Of Food Engineering

    A graduate of food engineering will work in diverse dispensation like; Research Agro sectors, agricultural sector, self employment, food regulation and control agency, canned companies, NDLEA, NAFDAC, Customs, food chemical companies, immigration, government parastatals etc.


    A candidate who want to study food engineering in the higher institutions must be brave and hard working student meeting the requirements to study food engineering , also a graduate of food engineering will work in diverse places as aforementioned in the article.

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