The Requirements To study Health Management And The Job Opportunities In Nigeria

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  • In this article, i will be sharing with you the requirements to study health management, in order words called human physiology and the job opportunities as a graduate of health management in Nigeria.

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    Now, i will be sharing with you the entry requirements to get admission into the university to study health management or human physiology.

    A candidate who wishes to study health management in the universities or health institution in Nigeria must posses at least five (5) credit passes to includes; English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics And Biology in WAEC, NECO OR GCE.


    A candidate who wish to study health management will register the following four (4) UTME subjects like; English Language, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics/Economics and Biology for proper considerations.

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    A graduate of health management/human physiology can work in many health field dispensations like; the human resources centers, research institutes, hospitals, ministry of health, WHO, NAFDAC, the food industries, the federal ministry of health, can also work in the NCS, also military hospitals like Army and the rest amongst others.

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