Subjects To Write in Jamb To Study Education

Subjects To Write in Jamb To Study Education Welcome to schoolguide, kindly check this after reading!
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  • Subjects To Write In JAMB To Study Education? I was surfing the internet few days ago and i came across where students were bitterly lamenting on what subjects to register in JAMB to write and enable to to study education that is Bachelor of education in any field of life in the varsity, i took it upon my self that i will comprehensively write an article that suit your needs.

    See Some Questions  i was Asked

    1. what are the subjects i can write in Jamb to study education?
    2. what subjects to write in jamb to study education?
    3. what subjects can i write to study education in the varsity?
    4. what are the jamb subjects combination to qualify to study education?
    5. do they offer education as a course in the varsity?
    6. will jamb allow me to register to study education?

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    Now, i took it upon myself as a task to accomplished so i am here to tell you all you need to know about the subjects to write in jamb to study education

    Basic Things to Know Before Putting in for Jamb to study education

    • You must passed all your basic and compulsory subjects in your WAEC or NECO
    • You must be brave enough tom pass JAMB
    • you must be fast in using the CBT computers
    • you must be attentive to questions and be mindful of the answers you thick
    • you must be in the CBT center 30 minutes before time

    Subjects You Must Credit in WAEC To be Eligible To Write JAMB

    • English Language 
    • Literature in English
    • Government 
    • Mathematics and any other two subjects 

    Subjects To Write in Jamb To Study Education

    here are the subjects you will need to register for jamb and come out with good results for admission consideration,  The subjects include;

    • English language
    • Government
    • Literature and
    • CRS/IRS for test and admission consideration.



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