10 Most Pricey Public Online MBA Programs | Business School Name, Location And Program Cost

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  • Today, SchoolGuide will  be revealing to you the most pricey MBAs Programs to apply for and learn comfortably. With more college students seeking online training comfort, new programs services are shooting up throughout the united states. The number of schools that mentioned presenting a web MBA software in 2019-2020 rose by 34 during the last yr, from 301 to 335.

    Online MBA applications (online degree courses) can provide the equal strong educational foundations and career guide of an in-person program while allowing college students to hold running a task. However, applicants must be conscious that a few online programs are luxurious

    While some of the ten most expensive public online MBA programs were created as early as the 1990s, others launched in just the last decade. For example, the University of Utah Eccles School of Business, which had a total program cost of $58,800 in 2019-2020, only began offering an online MBA in 2014. The University of Maryland Smith School of Business, which had a total program cost of $88,776, also first offered an online MBA in 2014.

    The University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School’s online MBA program, which is tied for No. 1 in the Best Online MBA Programs rankings, is the most expensive among the 127 ranked public programs that provided this information to U.S. News in an annual survey, with a total program cost of $125,589 in 2019-2020. The average total program cost among the ten most expensive public schools was $69,926.

    Kenan-Flagler, however, is an exception, as most online MBA programs don’t cost six figures. The total program costs of ranked online public MBA programs started as low as $2,310 in 2019-2020, with the average total cost among all ranked programs landing at about $25,621.


    The most expensive public online MBA programs are provided by schools located across the country. Some are located on the West Coast, like Arizona State University, and some are housed on the East Coast, like Temple University in Pennsylvania.

    Below Are The Ten Public Online MBA Programs With The Highest Total Program Costs Based On 2019-2020 Rates



    • University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler)                                          $125,589
    • University of Maryland—College Park (Smith)                                                             $88,776
    • Indiana University—Bloomington (Kelley)                                                                    $74,520
    • College of William & Mary (Raymond A. Mason School of Business) (VA)                  $63,700
    • Temple University (Fox) (PA)                                                                                         $59,760
    • University of Utah (Eccles)                                                                                            $58,800
    • Pennsylvania State University—World Campus                                                            $58,320
    • University of Florida (Hough)                                                                                        $58,000
    • Arizona State University (Carey)                                                                                    $57,936
    • New Jersey Institute of Technology (Martin Tuchman School of Management)          $53,856





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